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Health & The Holidays: 6 Fit & Festive Tips!

If we had to pick words that we associate with the holidays, health and fitness would have to be some of the absolute last most of us would normally choose. Holiday treats and cold weather aren’t exactly a recipe for success in that regard, so it makes sense why we may plump up a little. 

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Healthy Lung Month: Tips For Easy Lifetime Breathing

If you haven’t taken a deep breath lately, take the time to take one now. Just notice the air flowing through your airway, feel it rest in your lungs as it’s exchanged for carbon dioxide, and then exhale as it flows back out into the world. That was one breath, one of the approximate 650

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The Complexities of the Immune System and How to Boost It 

Health is a primary concern for every family. This year, we’ve all been especially focused on health after the world was affected by a virus that forced society to press the pause button on school, work, travel, and overall day-to-day normal life. It has certainly forced everyone to reflect on their health and how they

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Heart Health: Exploring Your Heart and the Electrocardiogram

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in this country. That means that heart problems affect a large portion of the population. It’s why primary care plays such a vital role in everyone’s short term and long term wellness. Visits to your primary care doctor and constant monitoring of your

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Five Lifestyle Changes to Help With High Blood Pressure

We hear about high blood pressure a lot. That’s because many Americans suffer from the condition. The American Heart Association estimates that about 103 million Americans are at risk for heart attacks and strokes. People from all walks of life suffer from the condition for various reasons. And yet, there are often common lifestyle patterns

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Health and Wellness Tips for 2020

With a new decade comes a new outlook on your life, and that includes your health. Although a major diet revamp works for some people and the gym might push you in just the right way, you don’t have to become vegan overnight or commit to a long-term relationship with fitness. Some of the smallest

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Obesity in America: A Growing Concern

The United States has not always been a nation in the midst of an obesity epidemic. According to the American Psychological Association, only 13% of U.S. adults and 5% to 7% of U.S. children were obese during the 1960s and the 1970s. By today’s standard, the number has risen drastically. Now, 17% of our children,

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Why You Should Consider Converting to a Vegan Lifestyle

For those who have tried and failed to convert to a vegan lifestyle, they can easily say that it is one of the hardest challenges anyone can take. As children, we are accustomed to consuming meat, vegetables, dairy products, and grains. Each should be distributed fairly, but that is not usually the case. All too

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