Wellness Check-Ups and Visits

Preventative Care for Your Health

As practitioners of family medicine and internal medicine, we focus on the health of the individual and the family as a whole. We want to build lasting and ongoing relationships with our patients in order to provide the most comprehensive medical care. Part of this is getting to know you over a long period of time. Regular wellness checks and frequent visits can help us to do just that.

What is a Wellness Check-Up?

Similar to the yearly physical, a wellness check-up or visit entails preventative care that’s aimed to look at various aspects of your health. Dr. Lentzou and our experienced physicians and internists want to ensure you live a healthy life year-round.

Wellness exams are annual and comprehensive. They are designed to catch any problems early, detect changes, track progress, or look for symptoms that might indicate a problem down the road.

A wellness check-up is different from what is often called a problem visit. If you are experiencing symptoms or have a current health problem, then the visit will likely be focused and geared towards finding out the problem.

What Does a Typical Wellness Visit Consist Of?

A regular wellness visit can vary depending on your medical history and past issues. Our physicians might focus on a particular area if you’ve had some kind of history of health concerns in the past or had some kind of lifestyle change that might warrant a more focused approached.

  • Review of health history
  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart exam
  • Lung exam
  • Eyesight check
  • Checking on chronic conditions
  • Checking thyroid, abdomen, and lymph nodes 
  • Suspicious moles or skin lesions

Choose Healthonomic for Your Primary and Preventative Care

As a local primary care clinic, we staff our facilities with professionals and experienced personnel. Some of the benefits of choosing us to include:


We offer same-day appointments and we’re are always ready to serve you.

Compassionate Care

We take our responsibility to you very seriously. And when you walk through our doors, you’ll find a team of physicians and staff driven by the passion and send of duty to help others.

Experienced Physicians

Nothing compares to having a group of highly qualified physicians ready to respond to your emergency or urgent care needs.

Be Well, Live Healthily, and Trust In Preventative Care

Having an ongoing relationship with your family doctor or physician means having a consistent medical record that is more likely to catch any issues before they become problems. We offer a holistic approach to health by encouraging healthy lifestyles and patient education. Join us in your preventative care at Healthonomic Primary Care and come in for your wellness exam today.