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History Of Healthonomic Clinics

Healthonomics Primary Care began as a sole practitioner doctor’s office that expanded into a multi-clinic practice in the Chicago area. Today, it staffs professional and experienced personnel as well as highly-trained physicians and nurse practitioners who are dedicated to serving the Illinois community.


We combat disease. We improve health. We serve humanity and reach out to our community through compassionate and accessible family medicine and internal medicine. 


To continue helping humanity through the honest and ethical practice of family medicine and internal medicine.

The Healthonomic Difference

Why We are the Region’s Best Family Medicine Clinic

Healthcare is a human need. The human body is complex and our environments have a constant effect on it, as do other factors like diet, genetics, and unforeseen traumas and illnesses. As a primary care clinic, we are on the frontlines of our community’s health. 

So what makes us different? 

Patients as Family

We treat all of our patients as if they were members of our own family. When you walk through that door, it is our duty to serve you in your best interest.

A Veteran-Run and Military-Friendly Clinic

Our chief executive officer is a military veteran with multiple combat deployments and numerous awards and medals. He is also a master candidate at the University of Chicago studying biomedical informatics. As someone who has served, our chief executive officer understands the need for every community to have a well-run family clinic.

Accessibility and Availability

This area has a shortage of good doctors and physicians and that’s why we make it a point to be available. We offer same-day appointments and dedicated care, we provide access to healthcare for everyone.

Investment in Technology

As an established family clinic and doctor’s office, we make it a goal to keep up with the advancements in medicine and medical technology in order to offer top-of-the-line service and solutions to our patients.

Choose a Doctor’s Office that Emphasizes Compassionate and Ethical Medical Care

In the end, it boils down to the medical care and treatment we provide our patients day in, day out. On any given day our excellent physicians, nurse practitioners, and staff are welcoming and examining patients, diagnosing and finding treatments and solutions to their urgent medical issues. We also treat more acute and urgent matters as well as chronic conditions and illnesses.

Whether it is urgent care or preventative care, our doors are open to people wanting to improve their lives and get on a path of better health and wellness.

Reaching Out

Healthonomic’s Role in Our Community

Aside from helping families care for their health and improve their overall wellness, many of our physicians and staff are involved in volunteer work through their church or other programs. Whether it is the Orland Park, Palos Heights, or Evergreen Park doctors’ office location, we are here to serve you.

Get in Touch — Find Your Family Doctor at Healthonomic

With experienced internists, family doctors, and women’s health specialists, Healthonomics has an expert waiting to lend a helping hand to your medical issue or preventative healthcare. We offer same-day appointments. Contact us at any of our three locations or come by today for your path to better health.